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We accelerate achievement of your business objectives with practical approaches to operations optimization and technology deployment.

Lighthouse is a management consulting firm with a proven track record of liberating our clients’ ability to grow and increase corporate value. Our team of business, operations and technology specialists assess and understand a client’s business objectives and challenges first. We then improve business processes, dissolve operational bottlenecks and implement appropriate systems and technology to achieve those objectives.

From core business process challenges, to complex compliance and security environments, to lagging M&A integrations, the Lighthouse hands-on team simply makes operational barriers go away.

About Lighthouse

The Lighthouse suite of complementary services is designed to provide our clients with the support they need to grow profitably and achieve their corporate objectives.

Operations & Infrastructure

Operations & Infrastructure engagements begin by understanding a client’s business objectives, assessing its supporting business processes, systems and infrastructure, then optimizing and automating them to accelerate achievement of those objectives. Learn more…

Security & Compliance

Lighthouse Security & Compliance engagements comprehensively assess, audit and upgrade a client’s security and compliance processes – from employee behaviors to corporate culture, training, technology and businesses process improvements in information handling, access and security. Learn more…

M&A Support Services

Merger & Acquisition Support engagements assist clients in assessing and closing value gaps in their preparations for being acquired or an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Lighthouse also performs due diligence on acquisition targets, supports the integration of newly merged businesses and executes business unit divestitures. Learn more…


Inventory tracking system

IPO and SOX compliance

Operational challenges to
25% year-on-year growth

Pebble Beach case study

Business Relocation
in 6 hours

Boyett Construction case study

Improved Supply and Planning Process
and Systems

See them ALL

“Lighthouse Information Systems helped us save two years and millions of dollars by ensuring our documentation was FDA validated in a single inspection.”

Peg O’Connor | VP Administration, Chemocentryx

“With the help of Lighthouse, we improved the effectiveness of our IT, met all of our evolving regulatory requirements and treated more patients while we did.”

Dr. James Lilja | Medical Director, Bay Area Oncology

“After engaging with Lighthouse, we doubled sales and reduced operating costs by four percent in just over a year.”

“With the help of Lighthouse, we achieved our goal of 25% year-over-year sales growth.”

President, Uesugi Farms


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